Furniture Polish 16oz

Furniture Polish 16oz

$ 19.99

Our Furniture Polish is made using an advanced formula with four special additives that work together to help your product look better and last longer.

 The polish provides a layer of protection to help reduce surface scratches. The polish gives the wood a sparkling shine. Our product also has a UV additive that reduces the damaging effects of sunlight including fading and premature aging.

Made in the USA


Using a clean cloth, dust your furniture. Apply a moderate amount of  Furniture Polish to a clean, dry cloth. Use a circular motion to apply the polish to the entire surface of your furniture.


UV3 Furniture Polish
• Helps reduce surface scratches
• Helps protect against spills
• Helps maintain the natural beauty of your wood furniture
• Reduces fading
• Helps your furniture look better for longer
• Provides protection against heat and liquid rings
• Provides a rich looking finish for your furniture


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