Spot Remover 16oz

Spot Remover 16oz

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UV3 Spot Remover is a water-based product and environmentally friendly, it can be used to remove troublesome stains that would otherwise ruin your beautiful upholstered furniture and carpet.

Made in the USA


Blot any wet stains. Apply a small amount of spot remover to the stain. Let the spot remover sit for 1 to 2 minutes depending on the type and strength of stain involved. Using a clean light-colored cloth, gently press the cleaner into the stain without rubbing. Remove all excess moisture by blotting the stain again. Allow to air dry.

Note: Because this is a powerful cleaner, it may cause discoloration in a small percentage of fabrics. Test the spot remover in an inconspicuous area before applying to your furniture.


• Helps prevent stains from ruining your furniture
• Saves you money by eliminating the need to rent a steam cleaner to remove stubborn stains
• Is a safer alternative than bleach or concentrated cleaners
• Is hypoallergenic (safe for use in homes where people have allergy concerns)